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Just a notice that although I'll be nabbing comments here and there it's mostly placeholdery until wednesday or so due to visits, company, and other wonderful things. Cheers!
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I should have called this like a week ago, but semi-hiatus until monday the 15th or so due to a combination of going crazy trying to get cosplay done and work exploding. I'm still going to thread a little, and if you want me to play PLEASE grab me (drop a comment here if you don't see me on irc) but I'm super low energy and running around the apartment doing a lot of stuff sooooooo. Yes.

Fantasy meme.

Comment here with your characters' names and find out what my characters fantasize about you, if they do.

I play Umeda, Riku Replica, Heat, Jinana, Sakubo, Sahashi Minato, and Hakkai.
It's okay the wings aren't mine.

Reapp info

So, since this is both a) a reapp of a character I played some years ago and b) a reapp of a character someone else has since played, some notes:

1) Hakkai will 'faintly' remember the events of camp from his first attendance (my first play of him) as if in a dream or as if it happened to someone else (...because that's basically how I remember it). Please comment here if there is any specific you want me to recall (or specifically not recall); otherwise, I'll just roll with it.

2) If there's anything I should know or you want me to know about your relationship with the other Hakkai (akillersmile) then please drop a note here as well.